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Boondock Bumpers

Boondock Bumpers has just been added. Here is some information about their bumpers.

BackWoods 95 Series Heavy Duty Front Bumpers:

Our most durable, dependable bumper. Designed for "REAL" use. Offroad, Work, & Winch. *3/16” Thick steel shell *1/4” Thick boxed steel brackets *1” Thick steel D-ring mounts *2- 4” Fog light mounts *2- 5” Fog light mounts *Winch capable up to Warn 16.5 ti *Top quality textured black powdercoat

BackWoods 85 Series Medium Duty Front Bumpers. Stronger and more durable than a factory bumper..Designed for medium duty use. *9/64” Thick steel steel shell *1/4” Boxed steel brackets *1” Thick steel D-ring mounts *2- 4” Fog light mounts *2- 5” Fog light mounts

Top quality textured black powdercoat

BackWoods Rear Bumpers. Designed for heavy duty use. *3/16" Thick steel shell *1/4" Thick steel brackets *1" Thick steel D-Ring mounts. 2 Back-up light mounts *Step *2 Tag light mounts (Tag lights included) *Top quality textured black powdercoat

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